The National Council of Agricultural Development -CONADEA-, created by governmental agreement number 039-96 that in article 3 / VII includes within its integration to any bilateral institutional organization; as well as in its operating regulations created by Ministerial Agreement number 015-98 included in article 2. 3. e to Rural Women’s Organizations; giving legal life to the MAGA Bilateral Institutional Committee, organizations of Rural Women -CIBMMUR-.

Within the Strengthening and Restructuring Project of the MAGA Rural Women Bilateral Committee, which resulted from the review and updating of the 2010-2012 Strategic Plan, eight strategic goals are identified, which indicate the path to be followed by the CIBMMUR and for which it was developed. an action strategy matrix per year.

As a result of the internal dynamics of the bilateral committee in evaluating the achievements and progress of the strategic plan, several limitations were identified and the importance of the reactivation was determined under criteria of innovation, inclusion and active participation.

In order to strengthen the CIBMMUR, the Front of Committees of Rural Women -FRECOMUR- emerged as an administrative support instance, who from the formulation of an investment plan for the Project Program of training for the Strengthening of rural women’s structure ; Rural Women’s Nation Plan, in the west of the country, have developed a process of preparing departmental training workshops with women leaders, a document National Plan for Rural Women, women trained in leadership issues and community organization with emphasis in identification and prioritization of needs through diagnoses with women’s organizations in the six departments of the western region of the country, these being Sololá, Huehuetenango, Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, San Marcos and Quiché where 88 organizations were integrated by women and finally Six social initiatives -projects- and two business projects were identified, developed participatively with women’s groups, in the departments of the western region.

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